What’s a Wawa? – Decoding Philly Tawk (talk)

What did he mean when he said, “Yo! Jeet? Then yuze better go to Wawa and get a soda and a wooder”? A short dictionary of Philly-speak.

Wawa – regional 7-11-type convenience store. Wawa is headquartered in Wawa, PA – that’s how it got its name, but wawa is Native American for the Canadian goose that was found in the Delaware valley (Philly is in the Delaware Valley). The Wawa is known for their Hoagiefest  held each summer – for $3.49 you can buy a Shorti hoagie. During AALL the Hoagiefest offerings will be a turkey hoagie or the once-a-year prime rib hoagie.  All sandwiches at Wawa are made-to-order. Just place your order at the kiosks by the deli/sandwich counter, grab your soda, pay, get your receipt and wait for your number to be called back at the deli counter. The closest Wawas to the Convention Center are located at 1038 Arch Street  and 912-16 Walnut Street.

Whiz Wit – part of the steak sandwich ordering mystique. Want your steak sandwich with cheese? Choose Whiz (Cheese Whiz – yes that orange stuff that comes in a jar), American or Provolone.

  • Want onions?  That’s “wit” – not with, wit
  • No onions?  That’s “witout” – not without, witout
  • A cheesesteak with Provolone and onions = Provolone wit
  • A cheesesteak with Whiz and no onions = Whiz witout

Decide what you want before you get to the ordering window, have your money ready and order like a true Philadelphian!

Fill-a-delf-ya – the city hosting AALL this year

Yo! –hello, hi, hey; has to be said with attee-tude (that’s attitude), but use it sparingly

BeYooDeeFul – very pretty

Souf Filly – South Philly, home of the Eye-tal-yon (Italian) Market, Pat’s and Geno’s cheesesteaks

Yuze or Yuze Guys– the plural of you, but often used when there’s just a single you present

Wooder – that clear liquid that comes out of the spigot in the zink (sink)

Soda –  you may know it as pop

CawFee – a morning favorite of many to give you that needed caffeine kick

Iggles – our football team; you may know them as the Eagles

Da Fills – the beloved Phillies

Jeet? – Did you eat?

Joo? – Did you?

by Merle Slyhoff, Local Arrangements Co-chair

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