Calling All Animal Lovers: Animal Law Caucus Presents “The Development of Human Attitudes to Animals”

All AALL members and friends are invited to hear a presentation on an important foundation in the growth of Animal Law at Noon on Sunday, July 24, in the Philadelphia Marriott Room 407/408.  Whether your interest in animals lies in caring for a pet (or animal companion), volunteering at a shelter,  participating in animal rescue, or working pro bono for animal cases, Dr. James A. Serpell’s talk on “The Development of Human Attitudes to Animals” will be of interest to you.
Dr. Serpell is the Marie A. Moore Professor of Humane Ethics & Animal Welfare and the Director of the Center for the Interaction of Animals & Society at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  He has published extensively, and his research expertise includes veterinary ethics, animal-assisted therapeutic interventions, and the history of human-animal interventions.

The presentation is sponsored by the Animal Law Caucus at its inaugural meeting and membership in the caucus is open to everyone.  Law librarians have long been making the lives of animals better by working for their welfare and protection.  In coming together as a formal group in 2011, the Animal Law Caucus membership supports and promotes these individual accomplishments.  Membership sign-up is available at:
Be sure to join us on at Noon on Sunday, in room 407/408 of the Philadelphia Marriott to hear a very interesting program.

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